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AI and Analytics Solutions for Consumer Businesses


We strongly believe in the “Customer First” and strives to achieve the excellence in terms of providing the services in staffing, high-end consulting, providing SME support.


We design prescriptive analytics applications powered by AI on the cloud, for customer-facing businesses. Today our focus is on AI & ML, to reimagine analytics as human intelligence never could.


At KenMinds, we have created products that address specific marketing needs. Our solutions reflect our deep domain expertise, our stellar analytics experience and our cutting edge visualization credentials.

About Kenminds

KenMinds IT Solutions is a technology consulting and IT services company that helps Business transform their Business applications from a legacy platform to the today highly effective, flexible and highly capable digital platforms.

KenMinds is established to help global Business and enterprises to adopt to the rapidly changing digital world to remain competitive and relevant to the market. We help Businesses by providing the high-end consulting services in the areas like Data Science/BIG DATA Analytics, DevOps, SAP and other cutting edge tools and technologies which are revolution the IT and IT enabled Businesses.


Machine Learning

Advancements in Machine Learning (ML) are fuelling innovations in various fields today.

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is one of our core competencies. We provide IOT based solutions using

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Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) involves automating process oriented jobs by using smart programs.

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Big Data Analytics

Internet, mobile devices and other technologies have led to generation of huge amount of data.

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Our Services

Proven track record of delivering world-class solutions to various industries.

Big Data Analytics Solutions

We provide big data analytics solutions and actionable business insights to our clients to quickly adapt to changing customer needs, improve time-to-market capabilities and maintain large product portfolios at reduced costs


Research & Development

We work on various in-house research and development projects. We try to push the boundary of innovation and technology to come up with new algorithms and techniques to help our clients in their future problems


Predictive Models

We use various machine learning and time series based mathematical models to forecast financial markets, weather, sales, customer trends etc



We provide consultancy in our core areas of finance, genomics, climate and IOT. We also advice our clients in their big data, machine learning, computer vision and automation needs.


Automation of Processes

We use advanced custom software to automate various processes and to help you earn a quick return on your outsourcing spending by reducing service costs, improving efficiency and security


Computational Solutions

We provide custom algorithmic solutions to your problems and we also help you in hosting your products on cloud to improve speed and reduce cost.